Stonelick Township
Clermont County, Ohio


Elected Officals

Stonelick Township Elected Officials

The Stonelick Township Trustees conduct a business meeting every first & third Wednesday of the month  at 7:00 p.m. in the Township Hall located at 457 South Broadway. The public is always welcome!
Kermit Beckworth  

Trustee, Kermit Beckworth, Maintenance Department

Kermit has been a township trustee since 2003 and a life-long resident of Clermont County.

Skeets Humphries  

Trustee, Skeets Humphries, Chairman

Skeets has been a township trustee since 1998 and a township resident since 1985.

Tammy Hanley  

Trustee, Tammy Hanley, Vice Chair

Tammy has been a trustee since 2014 and a township resident for 30 years.

Tracy Sumner  

Fiscal Officer, Tracey Sumner

Tracey has been a township officer since 2000 and a life-long resident of Stonelick Township.



P.O. Box 37 | 457 South Broadway | Ownesville, OH 45160 | (513) 732-3299